IBController (auto-trading interface) 1.3.8 released

A new IBController (auto-trading interface) version 1.3.8 BETA has been released. It is available for download from:

VERSION 1.3.8 CHANGES (as compared to version 1.3.7)

  1. removed the workaround introduced in 1.3.5 for symbol translation because it caused problems for symbols like 6EU0-GLOBEX-FUT where symbol is not equal to local symbol less expiration code (EUR vs 6E). Instead symbol translation now relies solely on method introduced in 1.3.6
  2. Portfolio and Account Info pages were empty when used with Individual account (non-FA) without SetInfoAccount() in 1.3.5 and 1.3.6. Fixed

VERSION 1.3.7 CHANGES (as compared to version 1.3.6)

  1. GetPositionList() returned empty symbol part for non-stocks. Fixed
  2. PlaceOrder failed on Financial advisor accounts when non-master Account was passed in a parameter without preceding SetAccount call. Fixed.

For important changes made in previous version (1.3.5) see:

NOTE: auto-trading interface is separate and independent from IB DATA PLUGIN and is not required if you are only interested in getting data from IB / TWS.

NOTE: This version has been tested with TWS 907.7. We can not guarantee proper operation with earlier / later versions because IB may introduce incompatible changes.

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