Interactive Brokers TWS plugin version 1.8.2

A new Interactive Brokers TWS data plugin version 1.8.2 is released now.
It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED upgrade for anyone using any earlier version.

VERSION 1.8.2 CHANGES (as compared to 1.8.1)

  1. the plugin now accepts single-letter security type codes in addition to 3 letter codes. So now security type can be:
    • S or STK for stocks
    • F or FUT for futures
    • O or OPT for options
    • P or FOP for futures options
    • C or CASH for currencies (Forex)
    • I or IND for indices

    This is provided to shorten symbols for instruments quoted in non-US currencies so they fit within maximum 25 character length. For example “FSMI DEC 08-SOFFEX-F-CHF” (Swiss index futures quoted in CHF)

VERSION 1.8.1 CHANGES (as compared to 1.8.0)

  1. due to possible ambiguity of SMART routing when same symbol is traded with multiple currencies, IB plugin now allows to specify CURRENCY in a symbol. The symbol format is now: SYMBOL-EXCHANGE-TYPE-CURRENCY.
  2. all symbols that do not have explicit currency specification use USD now (except forex).
    The default currency is USD and it is used when nothing is specified as 4th part of symbol. So for example MSFT gets internally resolved to MSFT-SMART-STK-USD

VERSION 1.8.0 CHANGES (as compared to 1.7.1)
This version fixes “Duplicate ticker ID for API historical Data query” error that occurred sometimes with newest TWS version.

It is available for download from:

(to be copied to Plugins subfolder, replacing old version)

Installation instructions can be found here:

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