AmiBroker 6.35.1 BETA released

Stability: Rank 3 - regular BETA should work fine in most environments

This is a BETA version. Make a backup first

A new beta version (6.35.1) of AmiBroker has been released.

32-bit version:
(2 447 064 bytes)

64-bit version:
(11 017 280 bytes)

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IMPORTANT: Unauthorized copying and/or distribution of materials found on members' only page is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will result in IMMEDIATE termination of license.

This version is a free upgrade only for users who registered AmiBroker after November 28, 2017. Users who registered earlier, would need to purchase license upgrade. To find out the version you currently have use Account Information page at

Note that this version can only be installed onto previous full installation of version 6.30 or higher from


6.35 provides:

  1. huge speedups in running huge explorations,
  2. dark theme and 5x speed up for rendering huge list views like (as compared to 6.31)
  3. improved Batch functionality - clipboard support (copy/paste of selected batch items), new optional parameters for batch commands
  4. new AFL functions (SafeDivide, erf(), inverf()) and AFL parser improvements

CHANGES FOR VERSION 6.35.1 (as compared to 6.35.0)

  1. When .abb file was saved in older version and was missing Param2 then Param was incorrectly used as default value. Fixed.
  2. Changed threshold year for two digit year data files to 25 (previously it was 20). So YY is now interpreted as 19YY when YY

    CHANGES FOR VERSION 6.35.0 (as compared to 6.31.0)

    1. AFL: new function inverf(x) - inverse of erf function
    2. AFL Editor: added function navigation combo box in the toolbar - detects user defined functions and allows to quicky navigate to function definition
    3. AFL: GetOption("PadAndAlignToReference") allows to query Pad and align setting status (note that this is read-only field, so it will not work with SetOption)
    4. AFL: new function erf(x) - computes Error function
    5. AFL: parser warns if empty body is used in 'for' statement, like this: for( i = 0; i AFL: parser warns if empty body is used in 'while' statement, like this: while( condition ) ; // extra semicolon at the end - empty body Warning 510
    6. AFL: SafeDivide( x, y, valueifzerodiv )- safe division that handles division by zero using special handling (replace result with user-defined value)
    7. Batch: added optional parameter to Data Import ASCII command to allow specify format definition file
    8. Batch: added optional parameter to Execute and Wait command to specify current working directory for command
    9. Batch: added optional parameter to Export to File / Export walk-forward to file to specify column separator in CSV files
      -optional parameter defines the column SEPARATOR used for export. Only single character is used. When it is not supplied, comma is used.
    10. Batch: Clipboard Cut/Copy/Paste implemented in batch editor
    11. Batch: Edit->Delete (from main menu) and Edit-Delete All implemented for completeness
    12. Batch: list view uses virtual mode now (owner data)
    13. UI: All owner-draw list views (NOT in dialogs) now feature customizable theme (currently available "system (light) theme" and "black theme") - go to Tools->Customize, "Appearance" tab, "Dark mode for listviews" checkbox
    14. UI: Analysis and RT quote window use now exactly the same RGB values for up/down (green/red) colors for consistency
    15. UI: Custom virtual listview (owner data) supports per-item data now
    16. UI: Found workaround to avoid terrible flicker and bad rendering of list view controls during fast page up/down and side scrolls (even though they are double buffered by Windows and in theory should be smooth).
    17. UI: Identified even more bottlenecks in Windows OS that caused even owner data and owner draw Listview performance to suffer with large number of columns. OS code circumvented. Listview redraw speeds increased more than 5x compared to previous speedy implementation
    18. UI: Implemented resizing of Listview column customization dialog

    CHANGES FOR VERSION 6.31.0 (as compared to 6.30.0)

    1. AFL: Access violation in PercentRank when period is wrong. Now error 52 is displayed instead.
    2. AFL: InternetPostRequest now silently (or with warning 507 under debugger) returns NULL handle instead of error when remote server responds with HTTP Status 50x
    3. Analysis: manual column re-sorting could be bit off if scientific output format (xxxEyyy) was used with different exponents. Fixed.
    4. ASCII importer now handles LastSplitRatio of X:Y where X and Y are 1...32767 (previously only 1..127)
    5. Batch: add "add results to watchlist" action / WatchlistAddResults
    6. Batch: add "clear watchlist" action / WatchlistClear
    7. Batch: add "comment" action
    8. Core/DB: fixed access violation when all data were removed while QuickData was turned on
    9. DebugView: eliminated some internal messages from DebugView output (from release version)
    10. InternetPostRequest - even if URL started with https, previous version wanted to connect to port 80, instead of 443. Fixed.
    11. UI/Listview: since 6.28 exception could occur if single cell text length exceeded 1024 characters. Fixed.
    12. When database is empty, ticker box displays grayed text instead of blank or reminiscent of previous database symbol


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    For more details, instructions and examples how to use new features see the 6.35.1 BETA READ ME

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