AmiBroker 20th Anniversary

Yes, that is true, we are serving traders and analysts for 20 years already. You may not know that, but the very first version of AmiBroker was released back in 1995 on Amiga computer (hence "Ami" in AmiBroker's name). Amiga at that time was revolutionary and years ahead of PCs. It had 32-bit preemptive multitasking OS with modern GUI and graphics with thousands of colors. Internet was very young then. Yahoo was a place where you searched the web. Can you believe that there was no Google back in 1995 when we started. Not to mention Facebook, Twitter and other late-arrivals. AmiBroker was created for my own use because there was no decent (if any) technical analysis software on Amiga and I had to use something for my own trading. The very first version was written in May-June 1995. I released it as a shareware in August 1995 to Amiga Internet file repository called AmiNet (at that time it was FTP-only, can you believe it?) and even though it was in Polish only it sparked some interest. Later in 1995 english version arrived and I started to get some orders. Eventually due to demise of Amiga as a platform I moved to PC few years later and pretty quickly AmiBroker become popular among traders worldwide.

So here we are now in 2015 celebrating 20th anniversary and enjoying new version 6.0.
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