New, experimental IQFeed plugin (v5.0.1)

We have just released a new experimental IQFeed plugin that adds 4 extra threads just to process CPU/time-consuming backfills. IQFeed backfills are resource-hungry as they are sent in plain text and need conversion to binary which is quite costly. Previously all that work was done in single UI thread that reduced UI smoothness especially when backfills were long. Now four separate threads process backfills which should greatly improve UI reaction time.

You can try out new IQFeed plugin now (32-bit) (64-bit)

Choose the version matching your installed AmiBroker, close any running AmIBroker instance and copy the DLL to “Plugins” subfolder.

You should see plugin version 5.0.1 in Tools->Plugins window.

Using this plugin you should no longer see problems with UI responsivity during backfills. Note however it is still beta version.

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