Interactive Brokers plugin 2.0.7

A new Interactive Brokers TWS data plugin version 2.0.7 is released now.

VERSION 2.0.7 CHANGES (as compared to 2.0.6)

  1. added IBDictionary.txt file (user-definable symbol translation table for Interactive Brokers)

It is available for download from: (32-bit) (64-bit)

(to be copied to Plugins subfolder, replacing old version)

You also need to download IBDictionary.txt file from
and place it into AmiBroker main directory (where broker.exe is present).

IBDictionary.txt text file descriobes how symbols are translated
before plugin talks to TWS API. It allows to use shorter name for symbols and addresses situations when IB starts trading given symbol on
multiple exchanges and SMART-STK-USD default becomes not enough to uniquely specify US symbol.
The format of this file is CSV (comma separated values): InputSymbol,OutputSymbol, comment (optional)

For example:

Installation instructions can be found here:

Example symbology for CFD:

Example symbology for commodities:

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