AmiBroker 5.51.2 BETA released

Stability: Rank 2 – Early BETA, introducing new features and changes, may exhibit minor problems

This is a BETA version. Make a backup first

A new beta version (5.51.2) of AmiBroker has just been released.

32-bit version:
(2 128 816 bytes)

64-bit version:
(9 514 808 bytes)

If you forgot your user name / password to the members area you can use automatic reminder service at:

IMPORTANT: Unauthorized copying and/or distribution of materials found on members’ only page is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will result in IMMEDIATE termination of license.

Note that this version can only be installed onto previous full installation of version 5.40 or higher from

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.51.2 (as compared to 5.51.1)

  1. PlotShapes() rendering was slower in 5.51 than in 5.50. Fixed.
  2. Interpretation was blank with new rendering engine. Fixed.
  3. Charts: Quick AFL was disabled in new rendering engine causing slowdowns with > 100K bars. Fixed

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.51.1 (as compared to 5.51.0)

  1. fix for low-level Gfx* functions causing crash when multithreaded GDI was enabled

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.51.0 (as compared to 5.50.5)

  1. Charts: Multithreaded GDI chart rendering implemented for super-smooth UI response and preventing GDI-intensive charts from detoriating entire UI responsiveness
  2. Maximum rendering time limit increased to 1000ms (1sec) when multithreaded charts + GDI are enabled (allowing 2 times more complex plots without Warning 901)
  3. 64-bit only: brand new eSignal 64-bit plugin (3.0.0BETA)


  1. Vertical selector line does not work properly
  2. Some issues with Print/Print Preview

For more details, instructions and examples how to use new features see the 5.51.2 BETA READ ME.

In case of questions/problems/issues please write an email to support at amibroker dot com.

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