AmiBroker 5.44.1 BETA released

Stability: Rank 3 – Regular BETA, pretty stable, should work fine in most environments

This is a BETA version. Make a backup first

A new beta version (5.44.1) of AmiBroker has just been released.

32-bit version:
(1 953 032 bytes)

64-bit version:
(8 990 448 bytes)

If you forgot your user name / password to the members area you can use automatic reminder service at:

IMPORTANT: Unauthorized copying and/or distribution of materials found on members’ only page is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will result in IMMEDIATE termination of license.

Note that this version can only be installed onto previous full installation of version 5.40 or higher from

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.44.1 (as compared to 5.44.0)

  1. Removed dialog box with partial timings that appeared after backtest in the new analysis window. (It was introduced in 5.44.0 for performance fine-tuning purposes, but not really needed for end-user).

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.44.0 (as compared to 5.43.1)

  1. New Analysis: fixed AddToComposite()
  2. New Analysis: Interval() function was working incorrectly in new analysis window. Fixed.
  3. New Analysis: Backtest ~~~EQUITY symbol did not have “use only local database” set in 5.43.1. Fixed.
  4. New Analysis: Backtest performance improved by removing some unnecessary list view refreshes (now it should never be slower than old AA even with simplest formulas)

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.43.1 (as compared to 5.43.0)

  1. When range different than “All quotes” was selected, backtest in new Analysis window could produce incorrect results in 5.43.0. Fixed.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.43.0 (as compared to 5.42.0)

  1. New Analysis Window: multi-threaded Backtest feature implemented (experimental)
  2. Load/Unload buttons removed from Plugins dialog.
  3. ListViews: the last line (partially shown) in RT quote window was not easily selectable. Fixed
  4. New Analysis window: Implemented Parameters dialog
  5. AFL: GetCursorMouseButtons() sometimes missed clicks when multithreading was on and formula took ages to execute. Now it is now 100% reliable.
  6. Auto-selection of proper layer based on selected viewing interval
  7. IRA accounts support – implemented Settlement delay in backtester, via SetOption(“SettlementDelay”, x )
  8. Zoom in/out toolbar buttons zoom in finer steps (+/-10%)
  9. Analysis ListView, RMB menu new option: “Add Rank column” – adds a column with ordinal rankings based on current sort or just row number column when list is not sorted
  10. New feature: Adding new chart/research/account/analysis via (+) tab
  11. New Analysis window: Implemented SetSortColumns
  12. New Analysis window: Implemented AddSummaryRows

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.42.0 (as compared to 5.41.0)

  1. Implemented right click menu in new Analysis windows (Add symbols to watchlist/Show arrows functionality)
  2. Zoom in/out toolbar buttons now have auto-repeat feature
  3. In 5.41.0 Ctrl+C from list view copied text without tabs (column separators). Fixed
  4. In 5.41.0 did not refresh progress dialog optimization status list. Fixed. (owner draw list view initial size is retrieved in PreSubclass now)
  5. In 5.41.0 did not display Time&Sales in reverse order (newest on top). Fixed.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.41.0 (as compared to 5.40.0)

  1. New Analysis window (File->New->Analysis) – featuring multithreaded Scan and Exploration
    Performance note: to fully benefit from multithreading it is best to use AmiBroker local NATIVE database (not external) as it is the only database that can deliver data quickly enough. Tests show that on AmiBroker native databases scans and explorations are 100% scalable to multiple cores
    – i.e. for example would run upto 8 times faster on 8 CPU/core machine. IMPORTANT: This window is work-in-progress. Multithreaded Backtest and Optimization features will be added later.

  2. Totally rewritten listview with very efficient owner draw code speeds up list view scrolling/resizing/repainting more than 10 times. Native system ListView control is terribly slow on Windows XP/Vista/7 (surprisingly it was many times faster in Win9x!)
  3. AFL: AddColumn – added mini bar charts to explorations
  4. Mini-chart in RT Quote window. Mini chart shows where LAST price is within LOW-HIGH range.
  5. AFL: Percentile() does a param check for range > 0 now
  6. Errors and warnings are now displayed in red color in the indicator pane
  7. During actual GDI chart rendering AmiBroker measures time and if it exceeds 500ms timeout it stops rendering with Warning 901.
  8. Warning 502: Calling Plot()/PlotOHLC over 500 times is displayed in indicator in runtime to prevent abuse
  9. All list views, pressing Ctrl and NumPad’+’ automatically adjusts column widths to content
  10. If data are missing in the in-memory cache, Foreign() calls from non-GUI threads use synchronous retrieval method for reliability.
  11. Old and new Analysis window: outputting millions of rows to listview is much faster now
  12. All list views – Ctrl+A (Select All) made much faster

For more details, instructions and examples how to use new features see the 5.44.0 BETA READ ME.

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