AmiBroker 5.20 official release

A new official version (5.20.0) of AmiBroker has just been released. It is practically the same as previously available RC1 (release candidate), with only cosmetic changes.

It is available for everyone from:

(hit “REFRESH” button in your browser if you see old contents only)

It includes all updated documentation, examples, sample database.

Existing users should use “UPGRADE” version only, to keep their existing data untouched.

The FULL CHANGE LOG is included in the ReleaseNotes.html document that is installed with the software.

Users upgrading from previous versions should read “What’s New” section of the Users’ Guide.


  1. The upgrade is FREE for all users who registered AmiBroker after January 11, 2005
  2. The users who purchased AmiBroker before Januray 11, 2005 would need to buy upgrade if they want to use this newest version ($99 – Standard Edition, $139 – Professional). If you don’t want to pay – you may continue using previous version(s) infinitely.
  3. To find out when you have purchased AmiBroker and how long your free upgrade period is, use “Account Information” page in the members area at:
  4. To purchase new license or upgrade please use our ordering page at:


  • If you are using Firewall you may need to check if it did not block Broker.EXE file after upgrade. (It happened to some users that firewall blocked AmiBroker after upgrade and they could not connect to RT data sources due

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