AmiBroker 4.84.0 BETA relased

A new beta version (4.84.0) of AmiBroker has just been released.

It is available for registered users only from the members area at:

(File size: 1 238 996 bytes, 1.2 MB)

The installer includes also the newest AmiQuote 1.91.

If you forgot your user name / password to the members area you can use automatic reminder service at:

The instructions are included in the READ ME file:
AmiBroker 4.84.0 BETA Read Me

CHANGES FOR VERSION 4.84.0 (as compared to 4.83.1)

  1. Added GradientFillSlow code to support gradients on printers and metafiles which do not support them natively

  2. Added GraphGridZOrder variable to control when grid lines are plotted (FC#351)
  3. AFL: new function RequestTimedRefresh( interval, onlyvisible = True ) (FC#30)
  4. AFL: Status(“redrawaction”) added (FC#30)
  5. CreateStaticObject() actually calls internal CreateStaticObject – for some reason it was calling regular CreateObject() instead.
  6. Fixed problem with HoldMinDays sometimes allowing exit too soon
  7. Custom metric sort problem in optimization result list (occurred in 4.83 only) (FC#345)
  8. Pane resizing algorithm changed so if you drag the divider between panes only neighbouring panes are resized (others remain unchanged) (FC#344)
  9. Real time quote parent window has WS_CLIPCHILDREN style in order to fix some minor redraw issue


If you are using Firewall you may need to check if it did not block Broker.EXE file after upgrade. (It happened to some users that firewall blocked AmiBroker after upgrade and they could not connect to RT data sources due

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