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Advanced stock charting and analysis program

Wish list

AmiBroker gives you an unique opportunity to influence the development process. You can submit your ideas and suggestions of new features and they are very likely to be implemented in the future.

 Submit SUGGESTION using AmiBroker Feedback Center (registered users only, suggestions only please, for all other things please use support@amibroker.com address)

AmiBroker future releases schedule

  • AmiBroker 6.10 - available now

    For the list of planned and suggested features please visit AmiBroker Feedback Center at: http://www.amibroker.com/feedback/ (for registered users only)

    Approx. release dates of future versions (subject to change):

    AmiBroker 6.20 - end of 2016
    + Batch processor
    + Analysis/Exploration improved
    + direct Internet access from AFL formulas (for REST-API interop)
    + general purpose Price-volume distribution function

    + hi-precision Normal distribution function, new statistical functions
    + new modes in Low-level graphics
    + ASCII importer upto 20 times faster and supporting microsecond resolution now
    + support for microsecond timestamps in IQfeed plugin
    + MxFromString upto 1000 times faster
    + lots of other new stuff and performance optimizations
  • For the details about on-going development see http://www.amibroker.com/devlog/

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