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Frequently Asked Questions

Setup issues

Usage issues

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For additional documentation, scripting examples and other useful stuff check out AmiBroker's Support page

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Setup issues

How should I install an update?

Just run the setup program available from download page. It will automatically detect existing installation and install upgrade.

Usage issues

How can I download and import quotes using AmiQuote and AmiBroker?

There is detailed document on this topic explaining the whole thing step-by-step. Click here to open the document.

"Auto-update quotes" does not work. What can I do ?

Follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\AmiQuote\Download and check if .AQH files are there.
  2. Open them with Notepad and see if data are there
  3. Check if you have aqh.format file in the Formats subdirectory of AMiBroker
  4. Check its contents and eventually send me for checking
  5. Try to import manually as per instructions given in the user's guide
  6. If you ever restored data directory from CD ROM check the "read-only" flag of data files in AmiBroker database. They must not be read-only. If they are you have to mark all files in the data directory and all subfolders and UNMARK read only flag.
    Next time if you make a copy on CD better ZIP the files before copying and you won't get this problem

I have a DSL line and "Auto-update quotes" started fine for first 500 symbols but I now get time-outs. What can I do?

Yahoo is blocking you. After infamous Internet worm attack, Yahoo considers repeating multiple downloads as a "denial of service" attack.
To resolve this:

  1. if possible reconnect with diffferent IP (otherwise you would need to wait half an hour or more until Yahoo unblocks you)
  2. Get AmiQuote 1.52 (http://www.amibroker.com/download.html)
  3. go to the "Settings" and set "Initial delay between requests" to 1000 and "max number of simultaneous downloads" to 1.

How can I display the charts of two or more different stocks at the same time?

Use File->New->Default Chart as shown in this video tutorial: http://www.amibroker.com/video/TwoSymbols.html

Price chart (with averages and Bollinger bands) is displayed wrong when using logarithmic scale. How could I stop this?

The reason is that your data set contains quotations with one of the price field (Open, Low, High, Close) equal to zero. Because log( 0 ) is undefined you get strange results. Please avoid entering quotations with zeros in one of the O,L,H,C fields.

How can I switch the chart display to candlestick or line chart?

Use View->Price chart style menu.


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