Houston presentations

My own presentations from Houston (updated versions of them) are now available for download in three different formats


PDF (Acrobat Reader):

Macromedia Flash (for on-line viewing):

(Hint: If you want to save PPT (PowerPoint) or PDF to your hard disk, click with RIGHT mouse button over the link and select “Save Target As…” from the menu. Flash format is for on-line viewing only)

Note that these are “source” presentations without any kind of audio commentary, still
I hope you will find them useful.

Houston conference and workshops were organized by Richard Boroff (FTMonitor) and there will be complete set of audio materials recorded during conference including all presentations (not only mine) together with question and answer sessions available later for purchase from FTMonitor. Please allow 6+ weeks time for editing audio recordings and preparing CD-ROMs.

By the way I would like to thank Richard Boroff for all organizational efforts (it was really very well-prepared event), Joe Landry for picking me up from the airport and showing me NASA space center, Bruce Robinson and Don Thorp for helping me with shopping and shipping this big basket with sweet things :-), all speakers (Bill Barack, Bruce Robinson, Fred Tonetti , Don Wilson, Bill Barnard, Jimmy Hixson, Greg Cook, Roy Ashworth) for spending time preparing all those presentations and scripts/programs/formulas, and all participants for valuable feedback, all those presents and great atmosphere and very warm welcome.

I also thank *every* AmiBroker user for making it all possible (it is because of you that you spread the word about AmiBroker, it all become possible).

DevLog and Knowledge Base started

Today two new on-line services started: DevLog (this one) which is intended to provide you with up-to-date news about releases, betas as well as on-going development. In addition to that from time to time I may add some personal note or comment.

Second service is Knowledge Base
which is intended to provide tips & tricks, code examples, etc. for everyday AmiBroker use. The idea behind is to build searchable knowledge base from the answers that previously got “lost” in thousands of responses sent to the mailing list.

Both are based on WordPress (blogging software) which is RSS aware, and allows you to integrate them into your favourite RSS-news reader. To learn more what RSS is and how RSS can make your life easier please check this site.

I hope you will like both services.

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