About AmiBroker Editions

AmiBroker software is currently available in 2 editions: Standard and Professional.

The following table summarizes differences between these two editions:

Feature Standard Edition Professional Edition
End-of-day charting/backtesting/scanning Yes Yes
1-, 5-, 15- minute, hourly Intraday charting/backtesting/scanning Yes Yes
Custom minute bars Yes Yes
Tick charts/backtesting/scanning No Yes*
1-second, 5-second, 15-second bar charts/backtesting/scanning No Yes
Streaming real time quote display 10 symbols UNLIMITED symbols
Time and Sales window 1 symbol UNLIMITED symbols
GetRTData / GetRTDataForeign AFL function No Yes
Wait for backfill in Automatic Analysis No Yes
Automatically updating real time charts Yes Yes
Maximum Adverse/Favourable Excursion Distribution charts
in Portfolio backtest reports
No Yes
64-bit version No Yes
Multi-threading Charts Yes Yes
Multi-threading Analysis window Yes, upto 2 threads Yes, upto 32 threads **
Bitness 32-bit only 64 bit and 32-bit
Requires RT data subscription No

Not required, but nice to have

(Professional Edition works with EOD data perfectly fine, but real-time features (like real-time quote) of course are require real-time data source)

* - this feature is available only using eSignal RT, Interactive Brokers, DDE feed
In the future the Professional Edition may have additional extra features not available in Standard Edition. For pricing and ordering information check out How to order section.

** - the number of threads depends on number of logical processors on your computer and number of symbols under test. For details see: Efficient use of Multithreading.