Getting started

Hardware requirements
Supported operating systems
Installation and running
Getting help

Hardware requirements

To run AmiBroker you need PC-Compatible computer meeting following minimum requirements

Recommended machine configuration

Supported operating systems

AmiBroker works on the following operating systems:

For more information about OS compatibility see: 32-bit/64-bit version compatibility chart

Installation and running

Install AmiBroker using it's setup program - it is available for download from After downloading double click on the program's icon. This will launch the setup program - you can safely accept all default values by clicking "Next" on each page and "Install" on the last page. By default AmiBroker is installed to "C:\Program Files\AmiBroker" directory and this location is referred to as "main AmiBroker directory".

If setup program asks you to restart machine please do so to allow to replace system components.

After installation, you can start AmiBroker from Windows' standard Start->Programs->AmiBroker->AmiBroker menu.

Just after starting AmiBroker splash window shows up, then for few seconds AmiBroker loads its quotation database. Next the main AmiBroker screen appears.

AmiBroker main screen with price chart,
MACD and RSI indicators and profile view open. (Windows version)

In default setup you can see the toolbar, workspace window with symbol list on the left side and chart windows on the right side.

The toolbar provides fast access to the most often used program functions. With the symbol list view you can select active symbol. Changing the selection will cause chart redraw and update in some information windows if they are open. The chart windows let you to analyse current price trends and the behaviour of technical indicators.

You can quit AmiBroker using the File/Exit menu item.

Getting help

AmiBroker features new context-senstive help system, available by pressing F1 key anywhere in the program.

When you press F1 key while any window and any menu is shown, AmiBroker opens up a relevant help file page describing the window or menu in question. No more searching through the help file.

In addition to using F1 context-sensitive help it is highly recommended to read ALL Tutorial articles first. The answers to most common problems are given there. In case of major problem check Troubleshooting guide. Also there is a "Search" tab on the left of this on-line help window that allows to quickly locate information by keyword(s). Just type word(s) you are looking for and click "Display".

In case of further questions/problems you may check the following resources:

Checking these places first will help me focusing on developing new features in AmiBroker. In case of problems not covered in above resources please please use customer support page at