Many people make significant contributions to the development and testing of the AmiBroker. Thank you all. Thanks to Herman van den Bergen, Bill Barack, Bruce Robinson, Howard B. Bandy, Rick Perkins, Ken Close, Dimitris Tsokakis, Marek Ch≥opek, Ed Winters, Patrick Hargus, Mark Leon, Dan Clark, Rick Parsons, Charlie Hooper, Steve Wiser, Jim Ellis, David Holzgrefe, Carlton McEachern, Geoff Mulhall, Richard Cloonan, Peter Gialames, Stephane Carrasset, Dale Wingo, Fred Tonetti, Chuck Rademacher, Gary A. Serkhoshian, Rick Perkins, Tom Supera, Michael Robb, Mark Allen, Geo Singleman, Anthony Faragasso, Jayson Casavant, Al Holzwarth, Sidney Kaiser, William Peters, Ara Kaloustian and all the other AmiBroker users for giving me valuable feedback, comments, ideas, suggestions, test results and all the support. Special thanks to eSignal, myTrack, IQFeed for their generous support and co-operation. Thanks to Jerry Medved (QuoteTracker) for co-operation. Thanks to Mark Jurik of Jurik Research for providing his tools. Special thanks to Gary Lyben of Quotes Plus for the help with interfacing to Quotes Plus database. Many thanks to all the contributors to the AFL formula library for sharing their work. Many thanks to Sharenet (Robin and Steve) and all South African users for their continuous support. Thanks to Jordan Russell and Martijn Laan for their InnoSetup/ISX. Thanks to Neil Hodgson for Scintilla control. Thanks to Donald Dalley for extensive support he provided for Amiga version of AmiBroker. The deepest thanks and love to my wife Elizabeth and kisses for our children Julia and Jacob and Nico for bringing so much joy to my life everyday. And thank You, Dear User, for purchasing AmiBroker! With your kind support we can make dreams come true.

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